Blog #2: Why I’m writing…

As we are approaching the 2 year mark of “actively trying”… I am doing what I think might help after reading another persons blog.  While my husband and I of course talk about this… at this point in the journey, it’s like beating a dead horse, and feels a little pointless – it’s always the same conversation now… So I am hoping that writing about our journey here will be good for my soul, but I apologize in advance if I write all over the place.  My husband and I aren’t openly vocal with others about what we have been going through… So forgive me, but the pictures I post will not show our faces… but I will post many pictures – past, present and future.  And when our precious miracle blessing does arrive some day, I promise to post pictures of us all, including our faces.
The absolute worst part of every month, for me personally, has been breaking the news (month over month) to my husband that my period came again.  The look on his face always breaks my heart.  We both want a family so very bad.
My husband has been so strong throughout this all… He is my rock… I would be lost without his love, support and positivity.  I know he hurts inside and has many questions as to why… we both sometimes wish that there was indeed something wrong with one of us – low sperm count or blocked tubes, etc.; it’s extremely frustrating being infertile with no reason why… all we can do is pray and ask God for our precious miracle.

One thought on “Blog #2: Why I’m writing…

  1. Wow, this post hit home with me. My husband and I are going through the same right now, check out my blog. Every month my husband waits and every month I have AF and fail. Completely understand your story xxx


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