My Beliefs & Faith


I may sprinkle some of my blogs with some religion, faith, belief, etc… I’m not quite sure how much of this I will do, considering that I am going to write whatever comes to mind/heart.

I own a devotional (it’s listed on my favorite books page) and today seemed fitting to share.  I try to read each daily devotional, before bed and in the morning, but I’m only human and definitely forget sometimes.  I will say though, I feel 100% better about life and the future when I make this a daily habit.

June 17: Learn to laugh at yourself more freely. Don’t take yourself or your circumstances so seriously. Relax and know that I am God with you.  When you desire My will above all else, life becomes much less threatening.  Stop trying to monitor My responsibilities – things that are beyond your control.  Find freedom by accepting the boundaries of your domain.  Laughter lightens your load and lifts your heart into heavenly places.  Your laughter rises to heaven and blends with angelic melodies of praise.  Just as parents delight in the laugher of their children, so I delight in hearing My children laugh.  I rejoice when you trust Me enough to enjoy your life lightheartedlyDo not miss the Joy of My Presence by carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Rather, take My yoke upon you and learn from Me. My yoke is comfortable and pleasant; My burden is light and easily borne.

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. – Proverbs 17:22

Now, I should probably be clear, I’m not an extremely religious-bible reading-church going type of person.  I would say I’m religious, yes… I read the bible every now and then but prefer my devotional… and I used to go to church A LOT more than I do now…  But I do believe there is a God and have faith in His plans.  I respect all people and their beliefs, no matter what they do or don’t believe.  I think that everyone chooses where they stand on faith and religion based upon many things… their upbringing, their family, the people they spend their time with, life events that they deal with, etc… We are all just trying to survive the ride of this crazy life, and do our best with what we’ve been given.  Who are we to judge each other? Whether you’re a bible hugger or an atheist, it truly doesn’t change my opinion of you.  You have your reasons, just like I have mine…

I am a Catholic, although not necessarily a practicing Catholic.  To be honest, going to church became a lot harder for me after we weren’t getting pregnant. I mean, I never noticed just how many families attend church, until we were trying to start our own… there are babies and children and families FILLING the pews… I would go and just stare at all the children, the mothers, the pregnant bellies, and cry in the back of church, feeling so very isolated.  You are supposed to leave church feeling better, not worse.  And I would leave church SO sad, feeling so empty, asking why can’t we be blessed like all of the families in there… Yes, I know this is so selfish of me – but I would leave church angry with God, and I didn’t like that feeling… I wanted and needed to keep Him close to me, not push Him away… so… I stopped going to church…

I kneel at home, pray at home, and ask God to understand why I’m not worshipping in church. My faith has definitely wavered and been tested the last 22 months. I have had days that I am thankful & feel His Presence, and days that I am angry and shut Him out.  But, without faith and hope and trusting in His plan for my husband and I…… let’s be real, I would be a hot mess.

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