My Infertility Journey

Dec.2012 – Got married
Sept.2013 – Stopped using prevention
Mar.2013 – Disappointment
Jun.2013 – Frustration
Sept.2014 – Ob-Gyn sends me for bloodwork
Sept.2014 – Ob-Gyn sends husband for “swimmer test”
Oct.2014 – HSG performed
Oct.2014 – Further disappointment and frustration
Nov.2014 – Started taking daily 50mg Zoloft for anxiety and depression
Nov.2014 – Forced myself to enjoy freedom from not being pregnant and do something fun… had hair colored for first time in life
Jan.2015 – Clomid 50mg, CD3-7, round one – unsuccessful
Feb.2015 – Clomid 50mg, CD3-7, round two – unsuccessful
Mar.2015 – Clomid 50mg, CD3-7, round three – unsuccessful
Apr.2015 – Clomid 50mg, CD3-7, round four – unsuccessful
Apr.2015 – Enjoying the freedom to tattoo my body
May.2015 – Clomid 50mg, CD3-7, round five – unsuccessful
May.2015 – First meeting/apt with infertility doctor
May.2015 – Ultrasound to check ovarian reserve
May.2015 – 50mg Clomid + IUI (intrauterine insemination) #1 – unsuccessful
Jun.2015 – Off clomid, trying letrozole + levothyroxine
Jun.2015 – Enjoying life and marriage again, without stressing about TTC
Jun.2015 – Letrozole 2.5mg CD3-7, levothyroxine 0.05mg daily, round one – unsuccessful
Jun.2015 – Wanting something to “focus” on every day and be “in control of”… started low carb diet
Jul.2015 – Letrozole 2.5mg CD3-7, levothyroxine 0.05mg daily, round two – unsuccessful
Aug.2015 – Letrozole 2.5mg CD3-7, levothyroxine 0.05mg daily , round three – unsuccessful
Aug.2015 – IUI (intrauterine insemination) #2 – unsuccessful
Sep.2015 – Letrozole 2.5mg CD3-7, levothyroxine 0.05mg daily, round four – unsuccessful
Sep.2015 – IUI (intrauterine insemination) #3 – unsuccessful
Oct.2015 – Letrozole 2.5mg CD3-7, levothyroxine 0.05mg daily, round five – unsuccessful
Nov.2015 – Letrozole 2.5mg CD 3-7, levothyroxine 0.05mg daily, round six – unsuccessful
Dec.2015 – Letrozole 2.5mg CD 3-7, round seven – unsuccessful, no longer taking levothyroxine

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